Posted by: Dan | January 13, 2010

Something Different (Music)

Well, a lot of people and places were busy posting lists of top songs and albums of 2009 over the last few weeks.  For the most part, I found 2009 to be a slow year in music but there were a few albums that really grabbed me — “Hospice” by The Antlers (which now ranks amongst my top albums of all time) and “Dragonslayer” by Sunset Rubdown.  However, instead of posting album reviews, I think I’ll just put up some links to my five favourite songs from last year (limit of one per band).  As is usual for me, the way I connect with the lyrics of songs plays a very large role in how much I enjoy those songs.  I think that the lyrics to all of these songs are fantastic (the first two were literally breath-taking for me) so you may want to look them up.

1. “Epilogue” by The Antlers.

2. “Nightingale/December Song” by Sunset Rubdown.

3. “Daniel” by Bat For Lashes (she’s singing this song for me, ya know?)

4. “Rocking Horse” by The Dead Weather (I’m not usually a fan of Jack White and his many projects, but this song is fantastic).

5. “1 John 4:16” by The Mountain Goats.

And one honourable mention — “The Economy is Suffering… Let It Die” by Anti-Flag!

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