Posted by: Dan | May 22, 2009

legends of the fall: the alternate title of my thesis


you know, a lot of people have told me that i look like brad pitt in legends of the fall. so this is a very accurate representation of what it looks like as i work on my thesis. in case any of you were wondering.

p.s. i would like to take the time to acknowledge that audrey molina is my intellectual superior. and that it would be wise not to leave myself signed in on my blog on her computer.

[NB: this post was not written by me, Dan, it was written by my friend Audrey, who has hacked into my blog.]


  1. Damn you, Audrey! My blog just got hacked!

  2. best thing i’ve ever read on this stupid blog ;)


  3. ahh the only movie I’ve ever walked out of…

    • What?? How could you walk out of Legends of the Fall? Brad Pitt is like my twin in that movie.

  4. I love (and fear) Audrey!

  5. basically, i’m awesome.

  6. Dan keeps telling me that he looks like Brad Pitt in Legends Of The Fall…

    …and I keep laughing.

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