Posted by: Dan | August 31, 2008

New Blog

I have decided to switch to a wordpress blog from my old livejournal account.  I’m still in the midst of importing all my old posts (alas, I lose all 3000+ comments!), and I’m also figuring out how to negotiate this server… so bear with me.  I may have a few book-smarts, but I certainly do not have the computer-smarts!


  1. Hope the new blog platform works out for you, I find WP pretty user friendly.

  2. welcome to the world of wordpress.

  3. hey, i took this picture! i’d like you to pay me please.

  4. I’d pay you… but notice how badly the horizon is sloping?? Either the church architect or the photographer needs to own up to that!

  5. Sweet. Looks good!

  6. I´m with you. I think you made the right decision. War against Mammon!

  7. Hey, no offense… but the comments are often the best part (especially mine of course!). I’d be happy to help you re-enter some of them under the orginal name of the commenter and some bogus e-mail.

  8. Dany,

    I agree regarding the comments, and I’m working on saving some of them on my computer before I close down my LJ account. However, I don’t have much time for the tedious process of re-entering them here. Moreover, although I appreciate your offer, I doubt you have the time either.

    Of course, if you’re really keen to transfer some comments over, then I say go for it, but I won’t hold my breath.

  9. i think it’s your lousy photo cropping skills that account for the slanting horizon. pay up, bucko.
    also, why am i not on your blogroll? am i not smart enough? i’d kick your ass in a discussion of pop culture.

  10. You are on my blogroll (see the “Odd Mo” link). You’re just not smart enough to realise it.

  11. Did you try this?

  12. Hmmm… no, I didn’t try that. I may give it a go. Thanks for pointing it out!

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