Posted by: Dan | October 15, 2004

A Note on Exile

I go into exile, not because I am forced into it but because I choose to enter, knowing that by doing so exile itself will be abolished.


  1. poser, i think you’re brilliant. The other day I was asked to share my ‘theology’. MYW. And as I was thinking about what I’d share and how…I began to wonder how to describe or articulate it. And somehow, in that one line, you’ve done that for me. You’ve brought so much into focus.

  2. Ahhhh, so good to see you writing again!

    Thanks so much for your kind words. In case you didn’t realize it (maybe you thought I was talking about the other wedding or something) the post “Home” was about what you and your wife said.

    Who knows… sometimes I really wonder if that’s the neighborhood where I might end up after school. Of course, by then you guys will be like, “What the hell where we thinking saying that?!”

  3. ya…thanks for the clarification…here I am thinking…Friggin justin stole my line. Where’s Bodner???!!!???

    no…seriously thanks. Jill read it and it really meant a lot.

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